Dear colleagues, partners, members,

Every entrepreneurial journey begins with a story and ours began with a deep desire to contribute to a cause with a clear purpose in helping others achieve their goals. European Legal was created with a clear mission in mind – to help and prepare lawyers for a competitive job market, whilst keeping their identity at their forefront. It was a product of a research process about the professional situation of lawyers across the Western Balkans, their needs, struggles and issues and it started with a question on the nature of the integration process, how it affected lawyers and what were the expectations from them.

We at European legal believe that everyone deserves a chance to become the greatest version of themselves and that lawyer’s integration is not just an obligation but also a right. With this philosophy at the core of our mission, our efforts are focused in creating opportunities for lawyers and the necessary habitat for them to be able to grow professionally. This has made European Legal an inspiration for professionals that hold a great ambition to become proud members of a worldwide community of professionals.

By contributing in fulfilling, adjusting, reshaping, creating and improving the professional situation among lawyers, our main objective is seeing them contribute to important causes in their countries, bring the change we all look forward, improve the quality of their profession, and adjust the professional mentality. This unique approach towards the lawyer’s integration as an internal process rather than external, makes European Legal the first organization in the region dedicated to lawyer’s gradual integration through high professionalism.

We have accomplished a lot in a short time and we will continue to build bridges and add values to lawyer’s professional journey with the aim, to enhance, improve and promote a European culture where everyone feels accepted, fulfilled and accomplished. These are the lawyers we see in the future. United, inspired, empowered, independent. Lawyers with a mission, that work towards same goals and dreams. For their own future and of their countries. SAIMIRA TOLA-KHOUW – EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

What we do?

✓ Introduce and promote high professionalism in line with the EU values & principles

✓ Adjust and reshape the professional mentality among lawyers in the Western Balkan

✓ Increase legal awareness on the main issues and the importance of tackling them

✓ Promote and encourage professional acting, thinking, and behaving in line with EU

✓ Encourage lawyers to be more active, and involved in their national legal system

✓ Support and enhance a professional mindset that serves their further development

How we do it?

✓ By conducting analysis on the most current and important issues among lawyers

✓ By regular, face to face and ongoing training of young professionals in WB

✓ By creating a Professional Networking Platform among lawyers in the region

✓ By introducing new concepts, tools, and innovative mechanism to help them grow

✓ By involving lawyers within the activities of this organization, nationally & regionally

✓ By encouraging them to act and speak on causes important to their profession

Why we do it?

✓ To enhance lawyer’s development at an early stage of the integration process

✓ To involve them within the improvement, and reshaping of the legal system

✓ To bring back the lost professional identity and dignity among them

✓ To adjust the professional mentality and mindset among lawyers in the region

✓ To support a work culture where constant professional investment is crucial

✓ To raise awareness on the importance of their role within the legal profession

Why European Legal?

EUROPEAN LEGAL is a unique and powerful Platform serving to lawyer’s professional enhancement and improvement in the six Western Balkan countries, aspiring to join the EU family.
European Legal supports and encourages high professionalism among lawyers in the region through constant vocational training, capacity building, raising awareness, promotion of highest values and principles of the legal profession and other necessary mechanisms.
The organization brings quality and values into lawyers daily professional lives and encourages lawyers to find their place and role within the legal profession but also invest in the entire legal system in their countries. By introducing a new set of tools, it encourages, motivates, and empowers professionals to invest in themselves daily and consistently.
European Legal creates the right conditions for lawyers to grow, improve and connect with one another on a national and regional level. It enables growing and developing opportunities for lawyers regionally, by supporting them towards finding their place within the legal profession. Moreover, it assists them stay strongly committed to a high level of professionalism in order to achieve a proud introduction within the EU legal market.


By promoting a European Professional Culture at an early stage of their career, we encourage and assist lawyers to act, think and behave in line with the highest values and principles of their profession but also build their reputation in line with such principles that will serve them to compete with their colleagues across the region and Europe.


By encouraging a professional mindset that responds not only to the job market requirements but also to the professional identity of lawyers – we aim to improve the entire reputation and image of the legal profession in the region and place lawyers as main players and important representatives of the entire legal system in their countries.


By building a Regional Network of Professionals we not only build growing opportunities for lawyers but also assist them to invest, expand and grow their professional backgrounds. A unique platform that serves them to help each other learn, grow, support and exchange valuable experiences.