European Legal Research & Training Network stands on three main pillars, namely: Research, Training, Networking, all of them serving the needs of lawyers in the Western Balkans. In its aim to boost the professional development of young legal professionals across the region and gradually prepare them to integrate into the European market, we strongly encourage a professional culture based on high professionalism, continuous vocational training, educational programmes, and empowerment.

Through these services provided in every country across the region, we assist, prepare, and support lawyers from any background and legal area to enrich their daily experiences and harmonize their professional profiles with their European colleagues at an early stage of their career. Moreover, we tackle their problematic areas within the profession by investing on three main levels:

  • Skills and qualities, strictly attached to their professional performance
  • Behaviour and attitude, strictly attached to their conduct and ethics
  • Mindset and mentality, strictly attached their role and place in the profession

Our Platform combines several methods, types, and forms of trainings for lawyers, such as face to face training, on job training and online training, providing lawyers with the needed infrastructure to guarantee high professionalism at an early stage of their professional lives.


European Legal Research & Training Network is a unique organization, for not only it brings innovative and new concepts among lawyers, necessary for their professional development, but also uses a special methodology in increasing their professionalism.

Through ‘learning by doing’, the organization involves lawyers in practice in any of the areas they wish you grow and improve, following their progress, encouraging them, coaching, and mentoring them to stay focused and motivated, assisting and advising them to take important decisions in their daily lives and stay focused and committed.

European Legal provides the necessary atmosphere for you to be able to connect, share, network, grow and learn from your colleagues from across the region but also to present, recommend, conclude, argue, write, research and many other opportunities that serve your professional development and growth.

European Legal provide you with chances and gives you the luxury of defining who you wish to become, deciding how to achieve your goals and aims and find your own place within the legal market across the region. It gives you what you have been missing so far. A professional identity!

For more information on how you can get involved with European Legal in your country and regionally, please send an email at