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European Legal Research & Training Network is on a MISSION: To foster, encourage and maintain a genuine European professional culture among lawyers across Europe in line with the highest values of the legal profession. In fulfilling its objectives European Legal is dedicated to assist and help lawyers in non  EU countries gradyally harmonise and approximate their professional levels to the EU standard of professionalism but also assist lawters living in the EU countries completely integrate in a new professional culture and mentality.

The ways we deal with each group of professionals is tailored to respond to their needs and daily challenges, their professional background and tempo of growth but also to their cultural background with the aim to make them feel accepted and included in a new professional environment where they can feel at home. By creating the necessary habitat for lawyers to improve, enhance and enrich their professional lives at an early stage of the integration process but also after their countries become full Member States, we support and encourages a European professional culture in which lawyers are enabled to act, think, and behave as genuine professionals at an early stage of their career.

In pursuing a national, regional, and European interest in the field of professional development, European Legal acts as a regulator to support and inspire lawyers achieve their full potential in their own countries but also in the host country high professionalism, promotion of values and virtues, opportunities and inclusion within the EU job market. The organization brings quality and into lawyers daily professional lives and encourages thems to find their place and role within the legal profession by enabling growing and developing opportunities, by supporting and assisting them stay strongly committed to a high level of professionalism and fully integrate in line