European Legal Research & Training Network in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at University of Tirana, is pleased to invite you to the event on topic:

‘’ Ethics as an integral part of lawyer’s functionality’’

This lecture will deal with the ethical issues and the importance of the ethical value and principles in the professional lives of future lawyers and their implementation at an early stage of the education programme for students in Albania.

As a great opportunity to present and equip students with some important insights on their professional situation in terms of behavioural challenges, this event will contribute to enriching students backgrounds with a more comprehensive understanding about ethics.




Learning of ethics is not always regarded as something important in the law curriculum, but it is crucial to education of future lawyers.

Teaching ethics in law schools is necessary to deal with public perception about the legal profession but also the role and place a future lawyer plays within the entire legal system. As a result, it is thus important that law students are provided with the necessary tools to go through the process of lawyer-ing based on high values and cultivate their autonomy to make the right decisions as professionals.

This lecture will strike a balance of the situation of the today student and their relationship with the ethical rules but also the ethical application in practice in Albania with the aim to provide students with a better understanding about the importance of ethical values and their implementation. The main purpose of this lecture is not only to address the main issues regarding the ethical rules and virtues a future lawyer must own but also to raise awareness about the ways they can improve ethical quality in their country.

By providing students with an underlying rationale about the professional ethics and its nature this event will help them raise the right questions about behavioural issues and leave room for them to reflect on how to tackle these same issues on a long term.