Our Ambassadors are the face of European Legal in each one of the countries they represent and where the organization is present. In fact, they are much more than that because our ambassadors not only represent the organization’s best interest in the region, but they also are the brain behind it.

Six countries. One mission!

We don’t find great professionals. We build them!

Quipped with great enthusiasm, courage, and persistence to bring value to the legal profession in their countries, they work closely in building a network of professionals across the region, involve them in common projects, assist and serve them in the best way possible and motivate them to keep growing daily.

They connect, share, support, assist and understand our members’ needs and concerns and pursue them to daily invest in their professional enhancement. They bring together great minds and assist them to grow and improve through new and enriching experiences and opportunities. To find their place in the legal market and define their role and place within the legal profession.

The ‘brain’ behind EUROPEAN LEGAL

Our Ambassadors are the main body behind European Legal. They share the same vision and understand the cause behind the organization and are dedicated to fulfilling it. Their tasks consist among others of:

  • Represent the organization and act as head of the office in each country
  • Establish connections in the local community and regionally
  • Organize high-quality events and projects involving important issues
  • Take decisions in line with the mission and vision of the organization
  • Represent and introduce European Legal across the region, as necessary
  • Act as a host and organizer by creating a welcoming and pleasant environment for all members
  • Assist and help lawyers to introduce, connect and create meaningful professional relations with their colleagues;
  • Support and encourage professional behaviour and attitude
  • Motivate and inspire lawyers to get involved and reveal their potential