Embracing the power of Unity by bringing lawyers across the Western Balkans together

The networking Platform is a great tool for young professionals to exchange their experiences, learn from one another, and inspire others to do the same. It is a unique way of uniting lawyers across the region and removing their professional boundaries by promoting a spirit of collaboration and respect among them.
These events provide opportunities for common projects, partnerships, and opportunities among professionals, and generate ideas that promote greater leadership and innovative solutions. Furthermore, they enhance the lawyer’s active role in investing professionally, and enable them to freely communicate their opinions, exchange their ideas and share their passion with others.

Crossing borders – uniting professionals – sharing experiences

Imagine you attend to an event and give your card to another lawyer.…

Networking is a powerful tool because it not only connects you to other professionals like you, but it also enriches your contact list and provides you with current information about what is going in the legal profession.
In the Western Balkans we usually do that by catching up with someone for a coffee, but wouldn’t it be even better to catch with an entire group of professionals at the same time and in the same place? It would certainly save you time and efforts, but also financial resources to meet the right people.
You know you need to find the right people to find the right job and to do that you need to network for yourself. That is why we help you by bringing the people, so all you must do is show up with your business card.

He/she turns out to be working at a large law firm and they are looking for someone to join their team…...

Networking isn’t’ just about giving your card to someone and forgetting who you talked to the next day. it’s about connecting and feeling comfortable speaking to someone who understands you. Not just anyone, but a professional, going through the same struggles, having the same issues, or having dealt with the same problems as you do.
By connecting to professionals who might help you improve, grow, and support your professional choices, you gain confidence, and a faith in your capacities.
The Networking Platform is a great tool for lawyers to connect with their noble profession, transmit their feelings and thoughts to like-minded professionals. After all, isn’t that what we are all missing the most in the Western Balkans? A deep need to being heard, understood, and accepted for who we are as professionals?

Let’s be honest: It’s all about the right connections… and you don’t get them by sitting home

We are all aware that the right people, at the right place means a lot for our professional future. And of course, to meet the right people, we need to be at the right places.
The Networking Platform gathers lawyers from all fields and professional areas but also different backgrounds and years of experience with the aim to promote, support and compliment their capacities and potentials, exchange and provide information and support collaborations and partnerships between them.
Our aim is to provide chances and opportunities for lawyers from any professional background, no matter the number of years of experience, their profile and city they live in. We believe everyone deserves to have a chance to reveal their true potential, and that is why we strive to create the best habitat for lawyers to achieve that.