The Value of Membership

A member at European Legal is not a number, but a voice within the organization!

European Legal has a unique approach when it comes to membership and its services. Its many types of memberships are designed not just to serve lawyers with their needs but to involve them actively and assist them in improving their professional lives by translating their knowledge and skills into daily tasks.

When you become a member of European Legal you cease to be a number and become a digniful member of a large network and professional community where your voice is heard, and your opinion is considered. You have the right and duty to comply to certain expectations that you set up for yourself but also to challenge yourself with deadlines and tasks that will serve you improve.

By becoming a full member of this organization, you make a promise to yourself to dedicate yourself, to work hard, to motivate and inspire yourself and others around you and be set clear goals within the organization or outside of it. You will interact, connect, exchange information, train, learn, assist, inspire, and grow together with like minder professionals and similar cultures from across the region.

Being an EUROPEAN LEGAL member does not just open the door to exciting opportunities in your career and personal development, but it also gives you access to a first-class range of services designed to support and enrich your professional experiences, to cease opportunities and networking possibilities, chances to be recognised and valued throughout your work on a national and regional level but also many other benefits such as discounts, travelling, bonuses, prices and other.

No matter which type of Membership you choose, it will offer you the resources and opportunities to engage in meaningful activities and partnerships with other like-minded professionals that can help you to understand your unique strengths, as well as current challenges; identify areas for collaboration; and co-create resources to advance the greater field. In addition, it will give you free pass to a lot of events, coaching and mentoring programmes, writing, and publishing.

Member Benefits


The main purpose of the memberships within European Legal is to assist lawyers express, and improve themselves by being involved on each level and activity we organize. As a member, you’ll gain access to a community of thousands of professionals—like yourself—who are finding inspiration and ideas, working smarter and putting high professional values on the map.

Career Boost

You’ll benefit from a wealth of information designed to keep you ahead of the curve on important issues around your profession, increase your professional profile even further and benefit from actions, discounts, and other events that non-members have no access to. You will be involved in our training packages, articles, and events directly in your country and regionally and show your potential.


Being a member is about showing what you can and wish to do. That means no matter if you choose to be an active or passive member within our organization, you will always be on the first line and spot when it comes to finding a voice to represent and enhance the quality of our organization. Your contribution is therefore not financial, but mainly professional.