A society cannot survive without a strong, effective legal system, which consists among others of a proper and functional legal profession, built upon principles and values, standards and behaviors, which when attached to the exercising of such profession decides the preparedness and quality of its functioning. At the same time, such system needs effective lawyers to shape up the quality of our profession through the application and implementation of such qualities and skills in their daily experiences. Lawyers with great professional skills on top of our legal system can carry the responsibility to regulate, balance and improve the legal profession together with other entities and build a strong and effective legal system in each one of their countries.

On the other hand, the need of a well-regulated legal system and a functional profession, harmonized to the EU standards, requires that the implementation of certain professional skills and attitudes becomes a standard instead of an exception in our daily functioning as legal professionals. In turn that means that the daily practice of such skills and qualities is not only an internal need for us as legal experts, but also a must and condition for our further growth, improvement and professional enhancement in the European job market. As a result, professionalism throughout the implementation of such skills and qualities is not a choice for some lawyers but an obligation for all lawyers.

The legal profession plays an important role that is fundamental to any democracy, and our role as lawyers is not just ‘to watch the show’. We are the producers, the designers and main players in the show, which means that we carry the responsibility to regulate and reshape the entire legal profession and its functioning in our countries. Therefore, professional skills and qualities such as legal writing, understanding, argumentation, interpretation, analysis, research and many other, should stand are at the core of our professional agenda, which in turn means the ability to gain and use them in our daily practices must be a crucial step to our functioning and that of the legal profession.

Professionalism is the best and the only way that can open our doors to a future where we are not afraid to compete with EU lawyers in a job market, where only the strongest, the fittest, the smartest and the bravest can fit.


European Legal                                                                                                                                          03 October 2016