This event was held with the participation of young professionals and experts from different areas and organization within the country as well representatives of Wisdom University in Tirana and the Legal Clinic of this Institution. As we spoke and shared our concerns with Albanian lawyers, it became clear that there is professional hunger and desire for professional growth among them. At the same time we all agreed that despite the fact that there is a big gap in the academic system and lack of practical possibilities for young professionals, we are all ready to do what is the best for us.

The first step towards that goal is being aware of the fact that integrating ourselves professionally is just a matter of time and a process we cannot escape, nor avoid. Professionalism is the only way that can open our doors to a future where we are not afraid to compete with EU lawyers in a market, where only the strongest, the smartest and the bravest can fit.

As we move forward, we need to move out of our comfort zone, be determined to invest in skills and qualities towards our professional growth and change the attitude about our mission as legal professionals. We need to brake the circle of considering ourselves ‘service providers’ and start looking at our profession for what it really is: A mission based profession.