European Legal is a three dimensional organization, including lawyers and legal professionals from any legal areas, working together on legal issues, expanding their experiences and cooperating with their European counterparts.
European Legal is open to lawyers, students and companies on a National, Regional and European level as well. For Membership and how to become a member, please visit our website or send us an e-mail at
Under Membership page you can find the rules, forms and fees for different memberships. According to your level of interest and active or passive status in European legal mission, you can decide which form of membership is most suitable to you. By choosing the one you would like to join, you can send out the filled form or an e-mail at

Please note that you can cancel your membership at anytime also by sending an e-mail.

European Legal is open to member and non members to participate in its legal activities. Members will make use of discounts and benefits according to their degree of support and contribution in our work and therefore will also have the opportunity to enjoy certain advantages.

The non members can also participate in all of our events and activities, against the fees that will be announced before each event.

If you are interested in research, legal analysis and you would like to see your article on our website, please contact us through our email address or via the contact form under Contacts.
European Legal operates on three levels. National, Regional and European, which means any individual, organization or institution in all these three levels can cooperate and collaborate will us. We therefore, invite all those who are interested in the integration of the legal professionals and their professional growth within the Balkan region to present and share their views and interests with us for future projects and events.
European Legal’s mission is to grow, expand and transform into a legitimate institute of research, training and networking within the entire Balkan region. Of course, a legal journal would be a helpful and additional tool to support our mission. However, at this moment, building our networks within each one of the Balkan countries and gathering lawyers together is our priority.
European Legal has its office representatives in each one of the Balkan states where it operates. On our website, under Home page you can find more information on each one of them, their profile and contact information.
European Legal supports and welcomes legal professionals who want to grow and improve through representing our mission and vision among their colleagues in their respective countries. In order to apply for a position as an office representative, please, send your CV and a motivation letter to our address explaining why you would like to work with us. We will then consider your application and come back with an answer within 48 hours.
European Legal appreciates any kind of support from individuals or organizations interested in working together. If you would like to contribute to our vision and mission in bringing legal professionals to the next level of integration, please contact us for more details via our e-mail.