Learning of ethics is not always regarded as something important in the law curriculum, but it is crucial to the education of future lawyers in Albania. Teaching ethics in law schools is necessary to deal with public perception about the legal profession but also the role and place a future lawyer plays within the entire legal system. As a result, it is thus important that law students are provided with the necessary tools to go through the process of lawyer-ing based on high values and cultivate their autonomy to make the right decisions as professionals.

This lecture was organized at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana in Albania with the participation of legal experts from judiciary and professors from the Faculty but also members of the European Legal Research and Training Network in Albania. The lecture stroke a balance of the situation of the today student and their relationship with the ethical rules but also the ethical application in practice in Albania with the aim to provide students with a better understanding about the importance of ethical values and their implementation.
The main purpose of this lecture was not only to address the main issues regarding the ethical rules and virtues a future lawyer must own but also to raise awareness about the ways they can improve ethical quality in their country. By providing students with an underlying rationale about the professional ethics and its nature this event’s main objective was to assist them raising the right questions about behavioral issues and leave room for them to reflect on how to tackle these same issues on a long term.


The purpose of this training was to produce lawyers with an underlying rationale for the professional ethics and its nature. To be able to debate, criticise, improve, and change professional ethical standards in their country for better, it is important to understand and acknowledge the situation on legal ethics in these countries and tackle the most urgent issues.

The main objective of this event was exploring the significance of the ethics in the professional future for lawyers, identifying challenges on ethical issues, developing an understanding on how to tackle and improve professional behavior and increase of ethical quality among lawyers in line with the EU values and principles.
During the program, everyday issues of ethics and professional responsibility were examined and analyzed, using a lively, interactive format, where the attendees argued on daily and real situations where the ethics rules were breached. The training main focus was facilitating an exchange of experiences, practical information, as well as finding appropriate solutions to the main challenges such topic represents in Macedonia.


SEMINAR – 30 September 2017 Behaving as EU lawyers – A condition or a choice? Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

As the members of the legal profession increasingly abandon the anchoring principles of the legal profession in pursuit of the “golden ring” of financial rewards they are slowly transforming into soulless creatures without any sense of principle and honour.

However, the preservation of the profession’s anchoring principles is far more important than could ever be conceived by those who treat the practice of law as nothing more than another free market business activity.
The purpose of this event was namely to re-establish and bring back these anchoring values to the attention of the legal professionals in Bosnia and increase their awareness about their importance and application in practice.

The topic covered a range of behavioural issues, including the code of conduct among lawyers in the region and their appliance, the ethical rules attached to the very core of professionalism and their role in shaping our behaviour, as well as their importance in lawyer’s daily practices.

OPEN LECTURE – 10 May 2016 The need for integration: Albanian lawyers’ perspective Tirana, Republic of Albania

European Legal in collaboration with the Albanian penal Lawyers Association and Wisdom University organized a one-day open lecture with the law students and graduated lawyers from this University.  The aim of this event was to discuss and have a general view of the biggest struggles and important issues Albanian professionals and future lawyers encounter, their expectations and understanding in regard to the challenges of their profession.

During the event among other topics, the integration path of Albanian lawyers was discussed together with the conditionality and what it means to their professional journey but also how can they improve and grow while their country is working hard to become a Member State of the EU. Professors of Wisdom University stressed the importance of the integration process in the lawyer’s daily life and how can they adjust and harmonize their professional level to fit such process.

ROUND TABLE – 4 May 2016 The future of Kosovar lawyers: Moving forward or backward? Pristina, Republic of Kosovo

This seminar was organized with the aim to provide lawyers in Kosovo with a clear understanding and comprehensive analysis of what does the integration means to us lawyers and what does it consist in in terms of actions and requirements or conditions.

The actions and role lawyers have within this process in the context of the EU conditionality to apply certain reforms and projects was seen and discussed during an open session. Moreover, the future of the legal profession in Kosovo was also discussed after which lawyers themselves were asked and questioned about their opinion and input about the topic. Finally, the importance of moving forward through professional investment was also tackled as main and the only option for lawyers to prepare and integrate themselves as an early stage of their careers.