The journey to becoming a lawyer is a decades-long cycle of proving one’s value and worth, but to maintain such value in a busy, competitive job market is not easy. It is sometimes a complicated process of growth and self-development which requires to maintain a balance of persistence, professionalism, and perseverance.

Unfortunately, many lawyers today think that their title makes them worthy, special, and great professionals. Others have the lack of will and determination to grow even though they are hungry for more. Some of them have lost the WHY of becoming lawyers and others are not interested in it. Many lawyers have issues with their confidence, selling themselves, building their image, prepare strategies for their own success, gain new skills, networking, communicating and so many more.

EUROPEAN LEGAL is the first organization in the region to promote and provide coaching services for lawyers, combining personal and professional development to help lawyers achieve their full potential. We believe professional growth doesn’t exist in a vacuum but is it connected and depending also on personal development.

That is why we serve lawyers from any area and field, professional background and age, to master their skills, increase their ability to perform, adjust to their expectations, remove the blockages that hinder them, transform their potential into successful strategies for growth, and unleash their true power to fulfil their dreams.

With personal coaching we help lawyers align with who they are and find their purpose, setting personal boundaries, integrity and authenticity, alignment with their identity.  With professional coaching, we take an emotional intelligence/leadership development approach beginning with self-leadership; earning what they are worth, applying personal values, find their areas of strength and zones of genius, improve their behaviour and other.

Moreover, we help lawyers apply a mindset of success, gain confidence, learn how to build their own empire, and become the best version of themselves. Oftentimes, that help is as simple as having someone to brainstorm and mastermind with; implementing a few practical life changes; and uplifting your mindset. Other times that requires much deeper approach that involves alignment and harmony of professional and personal struggles. All of which happens in coaching sessions.


During our coaching programmes, you will be assisted and helped with Empowering Strategies for Creating Inner Worth & Outer Wealth, manage difficult and complicated situations in your professional but also personal life and bring balance between them, monetize your education, career goals, personality. We help you get to the TRUTH of what is not working in your life and teach you how to fix it.


  • Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist lawyers in making real, lasting change.
  • Use questioning techniques to facilitate lawyers own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions rather than takes a wholly directive approach
  • Support lawyers in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to their goals
  • Creatively apply tools and techniques which include one-to-one training, facilitating, counselling & networking in addition to coaching.
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal and professional growth
  • Maintain unconditional positive regard, which means that the coach is at all times supportive and non-judgemental of lawyers, their views, lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Ensure that lawyers develop personal competencies and do not develop unhealthy dependencies on the coaching or mentoring relationship.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the process, using objective measures wherever possible to ensure the lawyers are achieving their personal goals.
  • Encourage them to continually improve competencies and to develop new developmental alliances where necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Work within their area of personal competence and encourage them to transform them into qualifications and experience in the areas of their interest.
  • Manage the relationship to ensure the lawyers receive the appropriate level of service and that programmes are neither too short, nor too long.


  • Gain clarity over your professional situation and learn to put things into perspective by prioritizing what is important for you
  • Gain focus and stay grounded into your area of professional interest but also learn to bring forward your best qualities and values and build them into a service
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem and learn to promote yourself and remove yourself from a passive behaviour to a more assertive one
  • Making the right decisions by developing a strong professional mentality that serves your best interest
  • Learn to take important decision that serve your professional future, by promoting, valuing, and appreciating your own professional potential
  • Learn to network and use it in your benefit to sell yourself regionally and adjust your expectations in line with your true nature
  • Learn to monetize your qualities and build value in long term and build a plan that generates multiple streams of income