Edita Maric

Edita Maric graduated Law in international and Comparative Law from the American University (AUBiH) in BIH with honours in 2013. in 2015 she decided to completed her Master degree from the University College London ( UCL) after which she got involved in a series of internships and positions that have helped her career develop very quickly.

Edita shares a great experience is conducting market and legal research, drafting, project coordination and implementation, monitoring and amending legal acts for several companies.
During 2013-2014 she has been assistant at AUBiH at the International Relations Department as Coordinator on Peace and Conflict Studies Abroad Program.

At the same time Edita is passionate about writting and has published few articles, sharing her knowledge and insights on topics such as arbitration and other related areas. Since May 2018, she is also a member of European Legal BiH.