Aleksandra Andžić

Aleksandra Andzic is a strong legal professional graduate from University in Sarajevo, Faculty of Law in 2008. She continued her studies in criminology in 2010 at University of Sarajevo, Faculty for Crime Science, Criminology and Security Studies.
She also passed her Professional Exam for Graduated Lawyer at the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 and is an experienced Legal Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry over the last 12 years during which she worked for several international organizations and national institutions.

Aleksandra shares a great experience in the fields of human rights, international law, criminal, law, public relations and translations and has contributed to many projects such as Demining in BiH-World Bank Contract, return of refugees and displaced persons, Reposition of pre-war property, legal system reforms in BiH, mapping of Human Rights and the detention camps during the period 1992 – 1995.
Currently, Aleksandra is working as a Researcher at the Association Transitional Justice, Accountability and Remembrance in BiH in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a member of European Legal BiH.