European Legal Research & Training Network is an organization established and functions based on Dutch laws, standards, and procedures in line with the EU standards and requirements for achieving its goals as well as fulfilling its mission.

Moreover, to fulfil its mission, European Legal works in harmony with the needs and proprieties lawyers have within the Western Balkans region, related to their professional situation. In order to complete its objectives and fulfil its aims in the best way possible, the organization stands on core values and principles, crucial for its functioning but also the purpose it has decided to follow.

The organization upholds the below core values and promotes them among legal professionals and institutions or other organizations involved in its cause. These values and principles represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do. 

  • Passion

We at European Legal believe that the passion for what we daily do is the engine that keeps us moving forward and having pleasure in what we do. People with great passion can make impossible things happen and that is what we strive within the organization. That is why we all together put our hearts and minds in our mission and purpose to get the best results and serve the lawyers from the WB region in the best possible way.

  • Accountability

We at European Legal take responsibility for our actions, as the glue that ties commitment to results and keep the right balance in complying to the values, rules, and procedures of the organization. Being responsible for what we do but also for what do not do, is one of the pillars of the accountability, we implement daily in our practice, together with the other two pillars – liability and trustworthiness.

  • Excellence

Excellence is a result of high intention, serious and sincere efforts, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities within a team. That is why excellence within the organization is one of the most values elements which we not only implement in our daily performances among our teams but also request such quality of performance from the lawyers which become daily part of our mission and vision.

  • Collaboration

Every single person has skills and qualities that are values and recognized within the organization. However, when they are put together for the same purpose and goals, through collaboration, mazing results are achieved not only within the organization, but also outside. As a result, the impact made among other professionals is much greater. European Legal encourages collaboration among lawyers and also other organizations that share same values and principles as ours.

  • Integrity

Doing the right thing when nobody is watching is a value of people and organizations with high morality and ethical levels and that is why we have implemented this one as one of the main principles in our daily functioning.  We believe that honesty and integrity to do the things the right way not because its needed but because we believe in them, is one of the characteristics that make European Legal unique.

  • Professionalism

High professionalism among lawyers is the reason this organization was founded in the first place, and we always act with such professionalism, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible. We do not upset one another intentionally, always endeavoring to present negative feedback constructively. We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say. Whenever we undertake a project it is our responsibility to express our training needs and gather the required skills, take responsibility to gain the required development to meet lawyer’s needs.