European Legal Research & Training Network is pleased to invite you to the training on topic:

The purpose of this training is to produce lawyers with an underlying rationale about the professional ethics and its nature. To be able to debate, criticise, improve, and change professional ethical standards in their country for better, it is important to understand and acknowledge the situation on legal ethics in these countries and tackle the most urgent issues.

The training is divided into three main parts dealing with the regulatory framework, behavioural consequences, and mindset issues in applying and implementing ethics. The training includes extracts from legislation, cases and conduct rules, comparative issues, national vs European standards, case laws, interactive and inspirational exercises that put lawyers in a concrete and more clear position of understanding ethical standards. Moreover, lawyers are encouraged to raise issues, open discussions, draw conclusions, make recommendations about the material they are provided with during the training.

The training will have in focus facilitating an exchange of experiences, practical information, as well as finding appropriate solutions on the main challenges such topic represents. It will furthermore, serve lawyers to improve their commitment and increase their awareness on the importance of ethics and code of conduct in general, according to the EU standard at an early stage of the integration process in their country, as well as serve as a guidance for them to be able to translate such values in their daily practices.

Main Objectives

  • Exploring the significance of the ethics in the professional future for lawyers
  • Identifying the main challenges on ethical issues among national lawyers
  • Developing an understanding on how to tackle and improve ethics
  • Building an image on ethical principles in line with the EU standard
  • Increase of ethical quality among lawyers at an early stage of their career

Why You Should Attend

At this program, we will examine everyday issues of ethics and professional responsibility. Using a lively, interactive format, the attendees will get to argue and analyse on daily and real situations where the ethics rules are involved. They will be provided with a clear picture of why ethics isn’t working in their country and what can be done to improve its implementation in practice.

Who Should Attend

This training is open to lawyers from all legal areas and professional backgrounds. Whether you are a law student, a graduated lawyer with experience or not, an attorney or someone working for a governmental institution, this topic is relevant to your professional future.

What You Will Learn

During with training, consisting of two days, you will learn to:

  • Understand main principles and values of the ethics
  • Compare the national and EU standard and find the problems
  • Learn the importance of implementing high ethical rules daily
  • Apply ethics in any areas of your professional profile
  • Increase your quality of service by learning how to apply ethics


How to apply

For application and participation, please use the below application link and send it by email to with a cc to

Please note that the number of participants to this event is limited to (28), therefore  we advise you to send your application asap.

We look forward to seeing you in Macedonia.


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